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Madams Pinups is the studio of Melanie Adams (that's me!) Everything you see here in the gallery and the shop is designed by me and handmade in studio.

Although always arty, I didn't pick up a paintbrush until around 2001 when a friend asked if I could paint her a fairy. I had a go, loved it and have been painting and hopefully improving ever since. For over 10 years I painted primarily fairies, but they were always inspired by the pinup artists of the 40's / 50's and no doubt by my childhood obsession with Marilyn Monroe. Over time, the girls lost their wings and transformed into the Pinups they always longed to be. Whilst searching for photographic inspiration for models I became entraced by both vintage and modern burlesque performers and was fortunate enough to be welcomed behind the curtain by performers who appreciated my eye for their artform. In 2013 I traded my work at a burlesque show and since then Madams Pinups has gone from strength to strength.

Since those early beginnings it has been important to me to ensure that the care and attention that goes into each original artwork carries through into every piece of clothing, kitchenalia or giftware it appears on, so it all gets finished by hand by me (yes, I admit to being a bit of a control freak :) ) Hopefully my customers appreciate that even when they buy a mug rather than an original painting, they still get something that comes direct from the artist.

Earlier this year my husband, a trained chemist, helped expand the Pinup empire by formulating our own range of cruelty free cosmetics. Professor Pinups, as he is now fondly referred to, wanted to create something with an edge that would set us apart from the cosmetics crowd so all our products are just a little bit different whether it's the wibblyness of our jelly soaps or the the fact they are hand crafted from moulds created by me. With new product lines being in development all the time we both love our brand and our work and are so thankful for the reaction it receives from each and every one of our happy customers. We wouldn't still be going with you, so thanks.




Photo courtesy of Stage Zero Photography

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